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Organic Coffee, zones, altitudes and varieties

In our organization we have coffee producers from different areas of northern Peru, specifically in Cajamarca and Amazonas; which are between approximately 1600 and 2200 meters above sea level and the coffees that are produced are organic coffees, with adequate care in planting, harvesting, processing and drying, in addition to taking care of storage for shipping our coffees to our customers.

Zones and Altitudes:
One of the important factors of our producers is the diversity of altitudes and areas where the coffee farms are located.

Altidudes: Thanks to the diversity of altitudes of our coffee-producing areas, we can have a harvest for at least 8 months a year, from May to December, and in general high-quality coffees, since the minimum average for the lower area is 1700msnm.

Zones: The diversity of zones is one of the very important factors of our organization, since thanks to this we can obtain coffees with different characteristics, especially in cup profile, regardless of the same height, variety or process; since each zone has a component of soil, climate, etc. particular that helps our coffees obtain a different and quality personality.
Varieties of Coffee
The varieties that we currently work with are:
- Geisha: It is one of our most recent coffees, with an atypical profile of flowers, honey, red apples, delicate and silky.
- Bourbon: One of the most traditional varieties of our organization. However, one of those that has evolved the best in recent years, thanks to the new planting and post-harvest care. With Profiles generally fleshy fruits such as red apple, peach, sugar cane and creamy body.
- Caturra: It is the variety that has had the best consistency for many years, although the improvement is not the most outstanding with respect to previous years, thanks to the care in planting and post-harvest, we can say that its consistency in quality and profile is the most outstanding thing, in addition to its easy adaptation in areas where our coffee growers produce. Mostly, with profiles of peach, quince, green apples, almonds and a juicy body.
- Típyca: Traditional variety of the area, thanks to the new planting and post-harvest care we have been able to improve considerably. With Profiles generally of malt, carob, lime, panela and creamy body.
- Pache, Catuaí and Catimor: They are coffees produced in a mixed way that also thanks to the new planting and post-harvest care have been considerably improved. With Profiles generally to Chancaca, blond sugar, lime, almonds and medium body.

Varieties in Test:
- Pacamara: Variety that we are still in the testing stage and we hope to have more news soon.
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